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Lighting & privacy

All the bece® collections are suitable for completely blocking out light and for providing privacy. The collections differ in the extent to which you can vary these factors. A completely lowered blackout roller blind, for example, lets in virtually no light and cannot be seen through, while tilting the slats of wooden venetian blinds lets you maintain a subtle balance between privacy and light.
If you want to be able to regulate precisely the amount of light and privacy, then the following bece® collections will provide the solution.
Venetian blinds
The advantage of aluminium and wooden venetian blinds is that by tilting the slats, you can easily regulate the amount of light but also prevent anyone from looking in.
Vertical blinds
You can also easily turn the slats of vertical blinds, letting you regulate the amount of light and privacy.
Pleated and honeycomb blinds
Enjoy optimum lighting, while at the same time preventing anyone from seeing in, with pleated and honeycomb blinds. Choose the top down / bottom up option. With this option you can raise and lower the blind both from the bottom and the top, so that you can combine light through the top of the window with privacy thanks to the blind covering the lower part.
Duo roller blinds
These special roller blinds consist of two layers of fabric, with transparent and non-transparent horizontal strips which you can move in relation to one another. When they are open, you can easily see through them, but as soon as you start to move the strips, you can play with the amount of light and increase your privacy.
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