Bedroom Alphen aan den Rijn

Aluminium venetian blinds

Bedroom Alphen aan den Rijn

Alphen aan den Rijn

Anita Boukens has always had a passion for styling. With her former company Frisze blik, she created stylish interiors in a flash using only existing furniture and accessories. Now she is able to focus her love of interior design on her own home and popular Instagram account, alongside her teaching career. We will take a look at the home of Anita (44, teacher), Willem (48, Director at SAB Profiel BV), their son Finn (12) and twins Bo and Mik (9) in Alphen on the Rhine.

“It’s a kind of an addiction,” jokes Anita. “I have always been fascinated with interiors. In our last house, I was constantly adjusting the furniture. I do that less here, because there is more of a fixed layout.” The family has been here for two years. “We had always cycled past this house, as we only lived a stone’s throw away. Despite the dark interiors and all the corners and walls, when it came on the market we immediately saw its potential.”

Window treatment
“The windows in our house are fairly large. So window decoration are important for creating atmosphere. They give the house a feeling of warmth. I can also play with that. I can filter the light, giving the room a different look every time.”

Sea of space
Anita and Willem gave the house a complete overhaul over six weeks time. “Everything had to go.” She did the drawings herself in Sketch-up (3D drawing program). When you walk in, your are immediately struck by the vast sea of space.

The starting points were a white cast floor and sleek walls. “It is light and Scandinavian, but I decided to add rustic and timeless items. It is certainly not a timid space. The kids first complained that it was all much too white. But Bo began to like it more and more over time. Sometimes I can find a place for things in her room that just wouldn’t fit anywhere else.”

Game room
“We are really enjoying our liveshere and we’re not planning to move. In the future, we’d like to build a partition made of steel and glass between the living and dining areas. This will help the room feel a little spacious and a lot more cozy. And there is plenty of other things to do: the yard, the bathroom for the kids, and we’d also like to make one of the extra rooms into a game room.” Anita jokingly remarked: “The question is whether it’s for the kids or for him...”