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Appearance and effect

There are various ways in which you can determine the appearance and effect of your window decoration and, by extension, the ambience in your home. The choice of material determines to a great extent what effect your window decoration will have. The color, degree of transparency and decorative options also contribute to this.
Making your house a home
It is a good idea to decide what effect your window decoration should have in order to harmonise with the rest of your interior. What kind of atmosphere makes you feel most comfortable? Below we explain the difference between window coverings with a soft appearance and those that have a clean, streamlined effect.
Soft appearance, soft materials
Roman blinds and curtains are perfect if you want your window covering to have a soft, textile-based appearance. The collection includes many natural colors, structured fabrics and sturdy denims.
In the collections of roller blinds, vertical blinds, butterfly blinds and pleated and honeycomb blinds, you will also find fabrics that create a soft effect.
Streamlined appearance, hard materials
Are you looking for window coverings with a more austere, streamlined appearance? In that case you should choose venetian blinds in aluminium. Wooden venetian blinds have an effect that is in between soft and streamlined. The natural wooden shades create a warm effect, while wooden blinds in single colors have a clean, simple appearance, depending on the color.
Vertical blinds from bece® can also fit in well with a streamlined, modern interior if you opt for vinyl slats.

Due to the interplay between the different horizontal strips and the contrast between the transparent and non-transparent fabrics, bece® duo roller blinds have a modern, streamlined appearance.

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