Attic room

Just under the roof, temperatures can soar due to the sun shining in. The right type of window decoration can make a room cooler and less bright. The most common windows in attic rooms are skylights. There is a suitable window treatment for nearly every type and brand of skylight.

Roller blinds
A roller blind on a skylight is extremely practical and therefore very popular. It is simple to operate and because you can choose from a wide range of trendy colors and patterns, a roller blind fits in with every style.
If the attic room is being used as a bedroom, you can opt for a room-darkening fabric. In this way you can make the bedroom completely dark. Because the roller blind fabric is enclosed on all sides, it gives an optimal room-darkening effect.
Pleated and honeycomb blinds
Pleated and honeycomb blinds are especially suitable for unusual window shapes, and therefore also for an attic skylight. A pleated or honeycomb blind with a metalized rear is the ideal solution for keeping the heat out during the day.
Do you want to make a room completely dark? In that case, choose a room-darkening honeycomb fabric combined with side tracks that reduce light to a minimum.
Two-in-one model
Among the skylight models, it is possible to have a pleated or honeycomb blind that combines two fabrics, for example one translucent and one room-darkening fabric. This makes it easy for you to control the amount of light that enters.
Panel tracks
The attic can also be used for storing old photo albums, winter and summer clothes or unused pieces of furniture. If you would like to tidy up your attic and store all these things neatly, you can put up a rail with panel tracks to act as a movable closet door.
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