Child Safety

Children growing up play in their families’ home and explore the world around them. It is therefore important that your window decoration is safe for children. The products of bece® always meet the latest child safety standard.

This means that some of the products include elements to guarantee a child’s safety. In addition, the esthetics are given full attention during the design and development of these elements.
If your window decoration includes a cord loop or chain loop operation, the length of this operation cord/chain will be adjusted for child safety as per following.
Is the height of the product shorter than 250cm, then the operation cord/chain length is a maximum of 100 cm. For longer products this will be the maximum product height minus 150 cm. In this case we will determine the closest available shorter chain/cord length.
A longer operation length is possible when you indicate the mounting height with your order. For the maximum operation length you can use the equation: mounting height minus 150 cm. In this case indicate the mounting height. Again, we will choose the closest smaller operation length.
For more information regarding child safety and our products please visit one of our retail outlets.