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Children’s bedroom

The children’s bedroom is the brightest and liveliest room in the house! By day it is the place for playing, rough-and-tumble and doing homework, while in the evening it becomes a peaceful room for bedtime stories and sweet dreams. Room-darkening window treatments enhance this peaceful atmosphere so that your child can sleep deeply.

Roller blinds
The bece® collections offer all kinds of window coverings using room-darkening fabrics. For example, you can choose a room-darkening roller blind. In this collection, you can choose from nearly 90 colors. Your child’s favorite color is sure to be among them! Click here for more information about bece® roller blinds.
Honeycomb blinds
The honeycomb blinds collection also offers beautiful room-darkening fabrics. These are made in such a way that they fit very closely to the window frame, in order to minimize gaps that let in light. To make sure the room is completely dark, you can choose blinds with side tracks to stop any light from shining in.
The top down / bottom up option for honeycomb blinds is ideal if your child prefers not to be in the dark. By sliding the honeycomb blind up from the bottom, your child can go to sleep with a little daylight, but you still have complete privacy.
Roller blinds as well as honeycomb blinds are available with a white or metalized rear. The rear reflects sunlight and keeps the room nice and cool. This is especially helpful if your child likes playing in the room, or your baby takes afternoon naps.
You can choose from four types of pleats to achieve the desired effect with your curtains. Have curtains with butterfly pleats in your child’s bedroom, for example, to give the room a homey feel. You can also opt for curtains with rings, which give a sturdier look, for example for a boy’s room.
Roman blinds
The roman blinds collection has nearly 250 fabrics in various shades, such as white, beige and gray, as well as bright colors or tough denims. This gives you a wide range from which to find the right color for your child’s room. In addition, all fabrics are available in different qualities. For example, choose a room-darkening fabric for the children’s room, as it is ideal for a good night’s sleep!
Cheerful colors are a must in a child’s bedroom or a baby’s room. These days a girl’s room does not have to be pink, or a boy’s room blue. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. The more colorful, the better! This means that the window treatment can also be eye-catching. And a special touch, such as a bottom slat in a matching or contrasting color, makes the whole effect even more cheerful! Click here for more inspiration or visit a dealer near you.