Colorful living
Color in the collection of bece

Wide range of colors

Each color has a different effect on you and your interior.

Roller blinds bece color stitches

Beautiful and outstanding

Choose for a roller blind with stitches in a contrasting color and let it stand out.

Colourful living

Colour gives a home energy and imbues the people living there with positive feelings. With custom-made window decoration, you can easily add colour to your interior.
Living in colour
Every colour has a different effect on you and your interior. You can choose between cold and warm colours and between soothing colours and those that spur you into action. Red encourages action, for instance, while orange stimulates your creativity, and blue is restful. In bece®’s collections we offer a wide range of colours in every product group. The widest choice is available in the roller blind product group.

Room-darkening for the bedroom
Who says colours are only fun in the children’s bedroom? With a lively splash of bright colour, you can make your bedroom complete and create a unique atmosphere. Choose a room-darkening Roman blind in your favourite colour and combine it with a matching throw blanket on the bed, or fun cushions.
Cushions and throw blankets
Are you afraid that you’ll soon get tired of a colour? There’s no need for that.
These days, anything goes and you can vary your look endlessly with accessories.
Even just a few new cushions and throw blankets are enough to give a room a fresh appearance.
Do you need advice on colours? Drop in at one or our retail outlets near you.