Window decoration is definitely not boring, because you can always combine different types, fabrics and colors. Sometimes even within one product!

  Pleated and honeycomb blinds - Two-in-one model
This model combines two fabrics into one. An ideal combination is a translucent pleated blind with a darkening honeycomb blind. During daytime, you can partially close the pleated blinds, combining light and privacy. In the evening you close the blackout honeycomb blinds completely. 

Panel tracks
To create a playful effect, you can choose panel tracks with panels in different colors. For example, shades that match or even contrasting colors for a striking effect. Panel tracks are very nice for large windows. Do you also have smaller windows in the same room? Then choose a roller blind for the smaller windows in the same fabric. The bece® roller blinds are available in the same fabrics and colors as panel tracks. This will keep your interior united.
Curtains with …
Curtains are very suitable for stylish combinations. For example, you can choose curtains and roman blinds of the same fabric in one room. Or combine darkened curtains with translucent roller blinds for your bedroom window, so you can get privacy during daytime and total eclipse during the night.