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Window decoration for your conservatory or bay window

Conservatories and bay windows consist mostly of glass and this makes window coverings essential. Window decoration offers privacy, keeps out the heat and enhances your interior. The windows are usually set close together, so that room for mounting window coverings is limited. Contact one of our dealers near you for advice and to have your windows expertly measured to ensure the best result.

Pleated and honeycomb blinds
The pleated and honeycomb blinds from bece® are extremely well-suited as window decorations in your conservatory or bay window. These products are slim and fit well on the narrow windows of a conservatory or bay window. The head rails and brackets do not need much space and can be mounted close to each other.
Do you want to keep out the heat? In that case choose a pleated blind with a mother-of-pearl or metallised coating. If it is important to keep out the heat in summer but keep in the warmth in winter, you can opt for honeycomb blinds. Would you like to know more about the characteristics of pleated and honeycomb blinds, and the differences between them? Take a look at the pages that feature these collections.
If you have a lot of glass in your conservatory or bay window, you can also choose to operate the blinds electrically. This lets you adjust all your window decoration perfectly in no time at all. Read here all about electrically operated window decoration!