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Damp and dirt-resistant

Damp and dirt are a feature of bathrooms and kitchens. It makes sense to take this into account when choosing your window decoration. bece®’s collections offer a variety of fabrics and materials for rooms susceptible to damp, so that you can have pleasure from your window decoration for a long time.
Aluminium and vinyl blinds
Both vertical and horizontal blinds made of aluminium and vinyl are excellent for rooms where there can be damp or dirt. These materials are damp-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. This means that your window decoration remains in good condition, even in a damp room.
Damp and dirt-resistant fabrics
Do you prefer to have textile window coverings? Roller blinds, duo roller blinds, pleated and honeycomb blinds, as well as panel tracks are available in fabrics that are specially made for use in the bathroom or kitchen. The characteristics of the fabric determine whether it is suitable for use in a bathroom, for example.
Ask at one of our retail outlets for advice on window decorations suitable for damp rooms!