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General questions

1 Who are you?
We are B&C Window Decoration, the organization behind the brand bece®. For different countries in Europe and for America and Canada, we produce custom-made window decorations. We do this under our own brand, bece®, but also for various private labels.
2 Why B&C window decoration?
The starting point of B&C window decoration is to make fashionable, user-friendly and high-quality window decorations for every house and every room. With years of experience and knowledge, we sell over 250.000 products a year. Certainly, we can call ourselves leader in the market of window decoration.
B&C window decoration in short:
- custom-made window decorations;
- for each type of window;
- almost 50 years of experience;
- Extensive range of colors and models.
3 What kind of window decoration do you sell?
Our extensive collection consists of: roller blinds, duo roller blinds, aluminum blinds, wooden blinds, plastic blinds, pleated blinds, honeycomb blinds, venetian blinds, roman blinds, curtains, butterfly blinds and panel tracks.
4 Do you also have stores in Belgium?
B&C does also have stores in Belgium Check out all the B&C stores here
5 Where is the brand bece® available?
The extensive collection of bece® is available at more than 1400 dealers, spread across the Netherlands and Belgium. An overview of our stores can be found here. Locate a store and search for a dealer near you.
6 Do you share my personal information with others?
No, we do not share personal information with others. We only use the information to process your order correctly.  Only when you give permission, we use your personal information to inform you about our special offers. 
7 What is the estimated delivery time?
If you have placed an order at one of our stores, the delivery time (depending on availability of fabrics and materials) is about 10 working days.
8 Is the window decoration safe for children?
Our window decoration meets the requirements of the EU in child safety regulations.
9 How can I contact B&C?
For questions, you can contact a store near you. You can also fill in the form on our website. We will get in touch with you within two working days.
10 What do I need to bear in mind when purchasing window decoration?
Your personal situation is the most important: in which room do you want to use the window decoration, what obstacles should you take in mind and what balance between light and privacy should there be? Before you make a color and material selection, we recommend that you request a free sample or visit one of our stores. Experts will give a tailored advice.
11 How can I order bece® window decoration?
Our website does not contain a webshop. You can order our window decorations at one of our stores. Look here for a store near you.
12 What guarantee do I get?
We offer a 5 year warranty after the date of purchase on all products. The warranty covers material and manufacturing errors. The window decoration should be used according to the instruction.
13 I have a complaint. What now?
If you are not satisfied with a product you can contact your sales store. They will help you with the issue.
14 Does bece® have an assembly and measurement service?
Yes. An expert in window decoration measures your window and places the window decoration. This ensures you that your window decoration fits and functions perfectly. 
15 How do I measure?
Each product must be measured slightly differently. In general, the following can be stated about placement between the window frame or the wall:
- Measure the width between the window frame or the wall in three places (top/middle/bottom). In case of differences, always note the smallest size.
- Measure the height in three places (top/middle/bottom).  In case of differences, always note the smallest size.
When placed on the window frame, on the wall or on the ceiling, the following can be stated:
- Measure the width including the desired overlap.
- Measure the maximum desired height.
Do you want help from one of our stores? Make an appointment to measure your windows.
16 Do you deliver the assembly materials?
Included with your window decoration are an assembly instruction and the necessary materials for attaching your product. All you need are the right tools for assembling.