Window decoration for large windows

There’s nothing more attractive than impressive large windows and plenty of daylight indoors. But blinding sunlight or passersby being able to look in are not always desirable. Various bece® collections offer perfect solutions for such large windows. These solutions allow you to maintain your privacy and at the same time regulate the amount of light you want. What’s more, the right window covering contributes to the ambience in your home. The following products are very suitable for large windows.
Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds create effects ranging from clean and modern to austere, depending on the type of slats that you choose. The slats are available in fabric, vinyl and aluminium, in a great many trendy colors.
Choose a slat width that fits your interior. A wide slat produces a bold effect and emphasises the size of a room even more strongly. A narrow slat has an elegant appearance. Vertical blinds are easy to maintain and are available in widths of up to six metres.
Because you can turn the slats, it is easy to regulate lighting and the amount of privacy. For added convenience you can opt for electric operation.

Panel tracks
If you have large windows and wish to emphasise their size, you can choose panel tracks. You can combine panels in different fabrics and with different degrees of transparency to achieve an effect that harmonises perfectly with your interior. By sliding the vertical panels of fabric past each other, you can play with light and privacy. Would you like to have panel tracks in the bedroom? Then choose a room-darkening fabric! The width of the panels ranges from a minimum of 40 cm to a maximum of 140 cm. The number of panels depends on the width of your window and the width of the individual panels that you would like to have.
Curtains are very suitable for large windows if you want to have a clear view outside during the day. They immediately create a special atmosphere in your home. Moreover, they have a good sound-proofing effect if you have a hard floor. The bece® curtain collection contains beautiful ceiling-high fabrics in lovely colors and different textures. If you also have one or more small windows in the same room, you can use Roman blinds in the same fabric.
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