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Heat shielding

If your windows are on the sunny side of your house, it is advisable to choose a type of window covering appropriate to this situation. bece® offers a variety of window decorations that help to reflect heat so that rooms stay nice and cool.

Honeycomb blinds
A honeycomb fabric is made of two layers of pleated fabric. The honeycomb structure creates spaces that trap air. This trapped air is an excellent insulator and keeps out the heat. You can also go for a metallised fabric. The coating ensures that heat is reflected as much as possible. Read more about honeycomb blinds here.
Pleated blinds
By choosing a translucent white fabric or a metallised pleated fabric, you will have sufficient light indoors for a comfortable working or living climate. When the indoor temperature rises, this window covering ensures a cooler living environment. You also save on energy costs for air conditioning. Read more about pleated blinds here.
Roller blinds, vertical blinds and panel tracks
The roller blind, vertical blind and panel track collections also offer fabrics with a metallised, mother-of-pearl or heat-shielding coating. These coatings ensure that heat is reflected as much as possible.
For more advice on heat-shielding window decoration, drop in at one of our retail outlets.