Home office

Nowadays we increasingly have the opportunity to work from home. This has numerous advantages. You do not have to spend any time commuting and there are fewer interruptions. The best thing is to have your own designated space to work in at home. This lets you keep your work and private life separate. Once you have finished your work, you can just leave things as they are!

Intrusive light
In your home office, you do not want any intrusive light. Good window coverings are essential, especially when you are using a screen. Our window decoration is not only practical – it is also modern and follows the latest trends!
Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds are sometimes associated with a severe and formal appearance. The bece® collection offers so many possible choices of material, color and finish that today’s vertical blinds are far from being severe, but are modern and trendy instead.
The collection also includes fabrics suitable for work on computer screens, which prevent annoying reflections of daylight on the screen.
Duo roller blinds
A duo roller blind is great to look at and is also very functional. By moving the two layers of fabric past each other, you can determine the desired amount of light. In this way, you can keep out intrusive light.
Panel tracks
If you do not have a separate office, but you would like to create your own space, you can use bece® panel tracks. These consist of vertical panels of fabric that can be slid behind each other. You can use them, for example, to transform your bedroom or attic room into a workplace. When you are not working, you can slide them to one side and you have the entire space. Then, when you want to work, you can use them to create a partition that gives you complete privacy. This is how to give window coverings a new function! Visit a dealer near you.