Roller blinds

Roller blinds for every interior
We have been meeting the wishes of our customers with custom-made window decoration for more than 45 years. Throughout this time, the bece® roller blinds have been very popular. The extensive collection features beautiful fabrics and more than 200 colours. You’ll always find the colour that perfectly matches your interior!
Room-darkening or translucent
The bece® roller blind collection offers both room-darkening and translucent fabrics. You can choose a room-darkening fabric in the bedroom for a good night’s sleep and opt for a translucent fabric in the living room, for pleasant lighting and sufficient privacy.
Your own personal style
Give your interior a personal touch and make your roller blind complete with our varied range of finishing details. For example, go for matching or contrasting stitching, or finish off your roller blind with a wooden bottom slat. Adding sturdy grommets to finish off the bottom of your roller blind gives it a playful touch.
Screen fabric: ideal for large windows
In our extensive collection, you will also find extra-large roller blinds. These roller blinds feature the special ‘screen fabric’ material. What makes this fabric unique is its large size – up to 4 metres wide and no less than 6 metres high! Eminently suitable for large windows.

In addition, the fabric has many advantages:
• Filters the light
• Reflects sunlight and heat
• Always hangs smoothly
• Easy to clean and therefore very suitable for use in the kitchen.
bece® roller blinds in screen fabric are available in white, beige, grey and black, and in various degrees of transparency.
Tilt-and-turn windows
Tilt-and-turn windows are very functional as you can open them in two ways. However, if the window opens inwards, the window decoration is often in the way.
In that case, a bece® roller blind with cassette is the perfect solution. This system is mounted onto the window so that you can open it in every possible way. What’s more, the roller blind with cassette prevents chinks of light when you want the room to be dark.
You can also fix your roller blind to the tilt-and-turn window using clamp brackets. With the help of tension wires, your roller blind will stay in place properly and won’t rattle.
Skylight windows
bece®’s custom-made roller blinds are also suitable for skylight windows. Is the skylight window in a bedroom and do you want to be sure of a good night's sleep? Then choose a room-darkening fabric. The fabric is enclosed on all sides so that there can be no chinks of light.
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