Duo roller blinds

Endless variations with duo roller blinds
The duo roller blind has three different positions.
• open, for an unimpeded view
• half open, for filtered light
• closed, for maximum light exclusion and privacy
Because you can move the fabric layers into any position you wish, you can achieve endless lighting variations. If the duo roller blind is lowered, the fabric strips are always closed.
Strip widths
Duo roller blinds are available with different strip widths: from 7.5 cm for a subtle effect to no less than 15 cm. The bold, wide strips look very good on large windows.

You can choose from an extensive range of fabrics in the colour groups white, beige, brown, grey, taupe and black. All fabrics are of high quality, lightfast and virtually shrink-proof. All these fabrics are also available as roller blinds. Ideal if you want to combine duo roller blinds with some roller blinds in your home.
Extra possibilities
Duo roller blinds also look good on large windows and patio doors. Many fabrics in the collection are even suitable for windows up to at least 270 cm wide. Would you like a room-darkening fabric? In that case your duo roller blind will be produced as a standard room-darkening model. Here, the two fabric layers are close together, for maximum blackout effect. Your room-darkening duo roller blind will be produced with a stylish head rail and a room-darkening bottom slat. This model blocks out virtually all light and is therefore ideal for the bedroom.
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