Aluminium blinds

From elegant to bold: aluminium blinds
bece® horizontal blinds in durable aluminium are available from 16 mm to 70 mm. If you want to achieve an elegant effect, choose a subtle slat width. If you want your interior to make a statement, then choose the bold 70 mm slats.
Ladder tape
With ladder tape you can give your blind an extra touch. You can choose from a variety of colours and two widths.
For a real retro look, opt for the special retro version combined with matching or contrasting ladder tape.
With the wide range of colours and models, you'll always find a style of blind that will make your interior complete. Let yourself be inspired by taking a look at our living inspiration page.
The aluminium horizontal blinds from bece® are damp-resistant and therefore just right for your bathroom or kitchen. You can easily keep them clean with a damp cloth.
All bece® window decoration products are custom-made for you. Look for a retail outlet near you and drop in!

Wooden venetian blinds

Exclusive and trendy
Create a unique atmosphere in your home with custom-made wooden venetian blinds from bece®. This natural material gives your interior an exclusive and trendy appearance, and harmonises effortlessly with every style of living.
Handy functions
Play with the lighting indoors by gently tilting the slats. Do you live on a busy street with lots of passersby, or does your home have large windows? In that case tilting the slats has the additional advantage of allowing you to determine how much privacy you want.
Personal twist
Give your wooden blind an additional personal note with contrasting or matching ladder tape. Combining white wooden venetian blinds with ladder tape in a dark colour, for example, will make your window decoration even more striking! Ladder tape has the additional benefit of covering up the holes in the slats.
Would you like to give your blinds a personal twist, but preferably only involving a small detail? Then you can opt for wooden venetian blinds in a retro style. This will make your wooden blinds unique in a subtle way.
Choice of different slats
Wooden venetian blind slats are available in the following widths:
25 mm, for a subtle effect.
50 mm, suitable for any interior.
65 mm, for a bolder effect. 
You can choose from various types of wood, or painted slats in a variety of colours.
Operating methods
Wooden venetian blinds are normally produced with a lift cord and a tilting cord. Thanks to innovative techniques, the slats are easy to tilt. The blinds can also be raised and lowered in a single flowing movement. You can choose to operate the blinds on the left, on the right, or crosswise.
All bece® window decoration is custom-made so that the window decoration chosen by you meets your wishes and hangs perfectly. This ensures that your purchase will give you pleasure for a very long time! Are you interested in the wooden venetian blinds from bece®? Then drop in at one of our retail outlets near you for more information.