Pleated blinds

The fashionable pleated blind collection offers beautiful, refined fabrics in the most attractive and trendy colours. Pleated blinds are made of one layer of fabric with a subtle 20-mm horizontal pleat for a refined effect or a bold 32-mm pleat. The 32-mm pleat width in particular gives large windows an imposing appearance.
A high-quality and subtle finish ensures clean lines and the wide variety of possibilities means that pleated blinds fit well into any style of interior.
Perfectly suited to unusual windows
This type of indoor blind is extremely suitable for unusually shaped windows. These include round or triangular windows, or conservatories and bay windows, for example. There are all kinds of models and shapes of pleated blinds available, so that any type of room can be fitted.

Easy to regulate lighting and maintain privacy
You can have pleated blinds arranged in such a way that you cannot only raise and lower them from the bottom but also from the top. This is known as the top down / bottom up option. It’s ideal if you want to let light into your home, while at the same time maintaining sufficient privacy.
Do you have parquet or laminate flooring? Pleated blinds have an insulating effect. Just one of the many practical benefits of these stylish indoor blinds.
Let yourself be inspired
Pleated blinds from bece® fit into many different styles of living due to the wide variety of colours and models available.  Let yourself be inspired by our Styles of Living page, where you’ll discover the latest lifestyle trends.
All pleated blinds are custom-made. Drop by one of our retail outlets for advice on interior design for your home!