Honeycomb blinds

In contrast to pleated blinds, honeycomb blinds have two layers of fabric. The advantage is that cords and cord holes are not visible.
The fabrics are available in a wide variety of colours with different degrees of transparency, from materials with a net curtain effect to room-darkening fabrics.
Honeycomb blinds have pleat widths of 25 mm, 32 mm or 64 mm. A pleat width of 25 mm gives the honeycomb blind a more refined appearance, while a wider pleat creates a bold effect.
A honeycomb blind is very suitable for unusual window shapes. From round windows to conservatories: a honeycomb blind provides the perfect solution.
Top down / bottom up model
Choose a top down / bottom up model so that you can raise and lower your honeycomb blind both from the top and the bottom. In this way you can easily adjust the level of light and privacy, and limit the ability of people to look in.
Two-in-one model
Combine a room-darkening fabric with a translucent one to enjoy natural lighting during the day and a complete blackout effect in the evening.  Ideal for the bedroom!
A nice additional effect: with a honeycomb blind you save on energy costs. The blind’s honeycomb structure means that it contains immobile air. This has an insulating effect. By keeping your honeycomb blinds closed, you keep out the cold in winter and keep the house cool in summer.
All bece® honeycomb blinds are custom-made for you. Would you like more information about bece® honeycomb blinds or other window decoration products? Visit one of our retail outlets near you for expert advice.