Vertical blinds

Diverse window shapes
A great advantage of custom-made vertical blinds is that they are suitable for virtually all window shapes. Whether you have a sloping window, a bay window or an arched window, there’s always a solution.
Create your own vertical blind
The vertical slat is modern in character. You can make your vertical blind unique by combining different transparent or coloured slats. Or you can add extra touches to your blind such as stylish buttons, stitching in contrasting colours, bold rings or decorative strips.
Materials and slat widths
Vertical blinds are available in a variety of materials: fabric, aluminium and vinyl. You can have your blind made with slats of various widths.

For a soft, warm appearance, choose slats made of fabric.  Fabric vertical blinds are available in slat widths of 89 mm, 127 mm and the extra-wide 250 mm. The widest slats create a bold effect.
Aluminium slats give a room a clean, modern appearance. They are also suitable for the bathroom and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Aluminium vertical blinds are available with slats of 50 mm, 70 mm and 89 mm.
The collection also offers a wide choice of vinyl slats. These slats are durable, practical to use and also well suited to the bathroom. Vinyl vertical blinds are available with slats of 52 mm, 70 mm, 89 mm, 127 mm and 250 mm.
Having problems choosing the material and slat width? Drop in at a dealer near you.