Roman blinds

The Roman blind collection consists of nearly 250 fabrics in various shades of white, beige, grey, bright colours or tough denims. You can choose between transparent, translucent and room-darkening fabrics. Nearly every fabric can be lined.
Mix and match
The fabrics from the Roman blind collection are also suitable for curtains, which makes it easy to mix and match in your home. Curtains are more appropriate for large windows, while a small window in the same room looks better with a Roman blind in the same fabric. You can complete your interior decoration with matching cushions on your sofa.

Choose your style
Finish off the Roman blind in your own personal style. Choose a wooden bottom slat, trendy rings, a striking border or attractive stitching.
Roman blinds are available in eight models, each with its own decorative effect. For example, a Roman blind with slats hangs somewhat more tautly, while one without slats is more nonchalant. Roman blinds are easy to operate and in hard-to-reach places – or simply for convenience – you can have your Roman blinds equipped for electric operation.
For advice on Roman blinds, drop in at a retail outlet near you.