Butterfly blinds

Horizontal blind and pleated blind in one
The custom-made slats of the butterfly blind consist of double-folded strips of fabric with the fold on the interior side, with a width of 50 mm.
The slats of the butterfly blind can unfold, so that the edges of the slats touch. This makes the butterfly blind look like a pleated blind. If the slats are not unfolded, the butterfly blind looks like a horizontal blind.
Easy operation
Butterfly blinds from bece® are easy to operate. With a lift cord or chain, you can raise or lower the butterfly blind. Using the tilting cord, you can adjust the slats so that they are open, half-open or closed. In this way you can regulate lighting and privacy yourself.
Attractive fabrics
bece® butterfly blinds are available in 28 attractive colours. Choose from various shades of white, beige, grey, brown and black, and find the perfect colour for your home.
Prefer a bold, trendy look? In that case, choose butterfly blinds in leather look.
A window decoration that fits in perfectly makes your interior complete. All bece® window decoration products are custom-made, with precision and an eye for detail. This includes the butterfly blinds. Would you like more information about butterfly blinds from bece®? Look for a retail outlet near you for expert advice.