The kitchen, too, is not complete without stylish window decoration. Are you worried that grease and dirt could cause a problem? The bece® collections offer solutions.

Horizontal or vertical blinds
Aluminum and plastic are waterproof materials that resist grease and dirt. Both horizontal and vertical blinds are therefore very suitable for the kitchen. You can easily tilt these blinds so that in the daytime there is enough light and in the evening, you can have dinner in privacy. In addition, the vanes can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
Roller blinds
Roller blinds are attractive, practical to use and they can be personalized with decorative options. For the kitchen there are roller blinds made of special moisture-resistant fabric. If your kitchen has fairly neutral colors, a roller blind in a pastel tone gives a romantic touch.
Pleated or honeycomb blinds
A pleated or honeycomb blind in a moisture-resistant fabric is an excellent choice for the kitchen. Does your kitchen face a busy street? If so, you can choose the top down / bottom up option. This makes it easy to play with light levels and to ensure sufficient privacy.
If you are curious to know which window treatment would suit your kitchen, pay a visit to a dealer near you.