Living Room

Window treatment is important for creating the right atmosphere in your living room. In the bece® collections you will find a wide range of options that fit in with your living style and that are also functional. If you choose fabric, your window treatment will also have a sound-absorbing effect.

Pleated and honeycomb blinds
You can create a stylish and trendy effect with custom-made pleated or honeycomb blinds. This type of window treatment is suitable for virtually all window shapes. With the top down / bottom up option, you can also hang the blind at any height you like – for example at eye level – so that you can combine light from above with privacy on the side facing the street.
Curtains and roman blinds 
You can give any home a special ambience if you hang curtains or roman blinds. The choice of fabric is crucial in determining the effect: with a translucent fabric you create more space and light, while a room-darkening fabric gives a cozy feel. A combination of curtains and roman blinds is also stylish. With the decorative options from bece® you can give your curtains or roman blinds a personal touch.
Horizontal venetian blinds
You determine the ambience in your living room, among other things with your choice of fabric for sun protection. Horizontal venetian blinds are available in aluminum and wood, and each material has a unique effect. Wooden venetian blinds are popular because of their warm and rather robust effect, especially if you combine them with ladder tape. Do you prefer a streamlined look? Then choose aluminum. The advantage of horizontal venetian blinds is that by tilting the vanes you can easily regulate the amount of light, while also ensuring privacy. Are you looking for something special? Then butterfly blinds are just the thing for you.
Are you having a hard time deciding on the right color? For advice on colors, please visit one of our dealers near you.