Pure living
Duo roller blinds kitchen
Roller blind
Pure living rough materials

Rough materials

Natural wood, wool and linen in natural shades create a pure atmosphere.

Pure living pleated blinds


bece® honeycomb blinds offer many fabrics in various structures and natural shades.

Pure living Roman blinds bece

Romantic effect

You can give this interior style a romantic touch with Roman blinds in natural shades.

Pure living

Inspired by nature
Pure living is inspired by nature. By using natural, rough materials such as wood, wool and linen in natural shades, you can create a pure and simple atmosphere at home.
Wooden venetian blinds
Being made from a pure, natural material, the wooden venetian blind is the type of window decoration that best expresses Pure living. Choose a light-coloured wood or a natural colour.

Roller blinds
bece® has roller blinds in many natural shades, such as sand and taupe, which fit in perfectly with the ‘Pure living’ style. By adding a wooden bottom slat or subtle stitching, you can create the typical ambience of this style of living. View them here!
In our collections of pleated, honeycomb, duo and roller blinds, too, you’ll find many beautiful fabrics in a variety of structures and natural shades, which are in harmony with this style of living.
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