Romantic living
Romantic living transparant fabrics bece

Transparant fabrics

bece® has many transparent fabrics, perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere.

Pleated blind with lace

Special patterns

The romantic style fits perfectly with soft pastels, but also with lace and linen.

Romantic living

Romance in the home
It’s no longer possible to imagine the world of interior design without the romantic style. A calm basic look, such as a white plastered wall or a floor treated with whitewash, is combined with accessories in attractive natural and pastel shades, together with soft materials and special fabrics such as lace and linen.
Continue this style in your window decoration for a beautiful total effect!
Beautiful fabrics
bece®’s collections have a wide range of wonderful transparent fabrics, which are perfect for achieving a romantic atmosphere in your home. For example, choose a Roman blind in a white, transparent fabric, or a pleated blind in a natural shade. There are of course many more possibilities. Click here for a comprehensive overview of the collection.

There is nothing more romantic than beautiful floor-length curtains. For an even more romantic effect, you can add a tie-back. You attach a tie-back to a hook in your window frame or wall. When you open the curtain, you wrap the tie-back around it so that it hangs gracefully but nonchalantly. 
Wooden blinds in shades of white, natural colours and plain wood contribute to a romantic interior. 
Accessories in soft pastel shades give your calm basic look a playful touch. Bring this out in your window decoration, too, for example by choosing pale pink stitching for your creamy white roller blind.