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Room darkening

You can sleep better in a quiet, dark room. It is therefore essential to have room-darkening window decoration.
Blackout fabrics
In bece®’s roller blind, duo roller blind and honeycomb blind collections, you can find special blackout fabrics. The fabrics in the Roman blind and curtain collections can be given a blackout lining. Vertical blinds in aluminium and vinyl also have a room-darkening effect. Take account of the fact that darker colors always darken a room better than light colors. You can also find a number of room-darkening varieties in the vertical blind fabric collection.
Two-in-one model
Would you like to combine room-darkening properties and privacy with good lighting? For this you can choose a honeycomb blind model with the two-in-one option, which combines a room-darkening honeycomb blind with a translucent pleated blind. During the day you can partially close the pleated blind, which gives you both light and privacy, and in the evening you can completely close the room-darkening honeycomb blind.
Extra options to avoid chinks of light
Do you often have annoying chinks of light and do you want your bedroom to be totally dark? We can offer you the following additional features.
Roller blinds
For maximum room darkening you can order a blackout roller blind with a head rail and side channels, which close off the edges and thus eliminate any chinks of light.
Honeycomb blinds
Choose a honeycomb blind in a blackout material and have the honeycomb blind fitted with side channels. The side channels prevent unpleasant chinks of light.
Do you need more advice on room-darkening window decoration? Drop in at a retail outlet near you.