Window decoration for skylight windows

A skylight window allows light into a room and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Appropriate window decoration is important so that you can have optimum enjoyment of daylight or of darkness. 
Roller blinds
Roller blinds are extremely well suited to skylight windows. Roller blinds with a reflective backing also keep out the heat. Do you want to be able to make the room completely dark? Then go for a 'skylight window cassette’ with blackout fabric. This model can be fitted to Fakro®, Rooflite® and Velux® skylight windows. The fabric is enclosed on all sides, so that there are no chinks of light and you can sleep soundly, even in summer.
The ‘skylight window cassette’ model can be fitted either in the window frame or on the roof boarding.
Pleated or honeycomb blinds
Pleated and honeycomb blinds are also suitable for skylight windows. Moreover, honeycomb blinds are also available in beautiful room-darkening fabrics. Both pleated and honeycomb blinds are produced with side channels, which prevent light from showing round the edges.
You can choose from three different arrangements:
-   Blind fabric at the top: The head rail is fixed to the top of the window frame and you close the pleated or honeycomb blind by pulling it downwards.
-   Blind fabric at the bottom: The rail is fixed to the bottom of the window frame and you close the pleated or honeycomb blind by pulling it upwards.
-   Top down / bottom up option: the blind fabric can be moved freely in the window frame. You can open the pleated or honeycomb blind either upwards or downwards.