Window decoration for narrow windows

Do you want a covering for a narrow window? The following collections are eminently suitable for narrow windows.

Pleated and honeycomb blinds
We can supply pleated and honeycomb blinds from just 15 cm wide. Thanks to the narrow head and bottom rails, pleated and honeycomb blinds look very slim and they are also very suitable for fitting into the window frame. For extra convenience, choose a model with an operating grip.
Venetian blinds
As well as the very narrow pleated and honeycomb blinds, a number of other product groups can also be provided in narrow widths, such as aluminium venetian blinds from 36 cm and wooden venetian blinds from 41cm wide.
Roller blinds
Roller blinds can be supplied from 35 cm wide.
Curtains are made with a minimum width of 40 cm, though with a narrow window you need to take account of the fact that part of the curtain material might hang in front of the window when the curtain is open.
Would you like to know more about window decoration for narrow windows? Drop in at one of our retail outlets near you.