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Tilt and turn window

Tilt-and-turn windows are increasingly being used in new-build homes or in dormer windows. These windows can be opened in two ways. You can completely open the window inwards, as with a standard window, or you can tilt the window inwards from the top. In this case it is important that the window decoration does not get in the way. The collections from bece® offer all kinds of solutions for providing these types of windows with attractive and efficient window decoration.

Clamping without drilling
With the exception of vertical blinds, every kind of window decoration can be fitted to a tilt-and-turn window. By fitting the product using clamp brackets, you don't need to drill and the window decoration is thus simple to mount. Every product has its own clamp brackets, from roller blinds to venetian blinds. By using tension wires as well, you can prevent the window decoration from flapping. The window covering then hangs nice and straight against the window and you can enjoy it for a long time.
Combination with normal windows
Often there is an ordinary casement window next to a tilt-and-turn window. If you fit each window separately with a window covering, you end up with diverse products and measurements. By mounting your window decoration on the wall, you can equip both (or several) windows with window decoration at once, and you will still be able to open or tilt your window inwards. Because the window decoration is then attached to the wall above the window, it is not in the way when it is fully raised.

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