Window decoration for exceptional window shapes

It doesn’t matter whether your window slopes up or down, or is triangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, or round. For every window shape, bece® has a suitable window decoration. Pleated and honeycomb blinds
With a pleated or honeycomb blind you can cover all kinds of window shapes. Even a round window! Let the experts advise you at a retail outlet near you.
Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds are very suitable for unusual window shapes. This is because the head rail can be curved, for example for arched windows. When the blind is open, the slats are then always in the middle. And when a window slopes up or down, for example, the rail is fixed at an angle; when the blind is open, the slats are always at the higher end.

For more advice on window decoration for unusual windows, drop in at one of our retail outlets.