2021 Moodboard: Blush Plum

Let yourself inspire by the softening colours of our "Blush Plum" 2021 interior trend.

Blush Plum centers around a palet of powdered rose colours, softened wwith a base of pure cream shades. The whole trend is based in a universe of serenity and calmness, broken only by the dramatic yet soft nuances of plum and soft taupe colors.

"Blush Plum" is all about creating a soft and serene interior, while using regulated sunlight to create a sense of space and freedom. Our idea of achieving "Blush Plum" includes:

  • Sort out your base with some mild cream and taupe colors.
  • Mix in distinctive shades of rose and plum.
  • The smaller the item, the more intese the color.
  • Large items like sofas or plaids should be a thinner tone.
  • Keep it simple, but not too minimalistic. 
  • Tweak with your personal touches and add warm metals like brass or gold.
  • Angle sunlight towards the floor to increase the serenity of the space.

Our favorites for this trend include our Dupli blind in the color 'Dip-Dye Raspberry (50225), Duo Roller in the color 'Wine Red' (32070) and our new aluminium venetian in the color 'Matt Rouge' (16172).

Order Blush Plum samples

Walk through our entire collections and order free-of-charge samples directly to your front door. Click here to check out our Blush Plum colours.

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